property ComboBox.SearchColumnIndex as Long

Retrieves or sets a value indicating the column's index that is used for auto search feature.

   Long A long expression that indicates the column's index that's used in the incremental searching feature.  

When SingleEdit is False, the number of edit controls is equal with the number of columns. The SearchColumnIndex value should be contained by [0..Columns.Count-1]. The SearchColumnIndex indicates the index of edit control that is focused. The searching column can be changed by the user by pressing TAB or Shift+TAB. To disable changing the searching column by the end user use UseTabKey property. Use the AdjustSearchColumn property to allow displaying a hidden column in the control's label area. Use the Value property to get the selected value, in the column that pointed by the SearchColumnIndex property. Use the Select property to get or set the selected value on a specified column. Use the MarkSearchColumn property to hide the rectangle around the searching column. The LabelColumnIndex property specifies a different column (index) to be displayed on the control's label, while the SingleEdit property is True.