property Chart.DateTickerLabel as String
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates the format to display the bar's start and end date while creating, moving or resizing it.

String A String expression that specifies the format of the label being displayed while the item is moved or resized. It supports HTML and <%%> formats as shown in the label of the level.
By default, the DateTickerLabel property is empty. The property has effect only if the DrawDateTicker property is True, and the DateTickerLabel property is not empty. The DateTickerLabel property shows the start and end date of the bar being created, moved or resized at runtime using the mouse. Use the <br> HTML tag to break the lines, in case you need to display the ticker label using multiple lines. The label always ensure that can be displayed in the chart's area.

The following screen shot shows the ticker and it's label that displays the start and and time of the "moving" bar 

Your application can provide some options to help user while performing moving or resizing at runtime as follow: