property Chart.OverviewZoomCaption as String
Specifies the captions for each zooming unit.

   String A string expression that defines a list of captions ( one for each unit ) being displayed in the zoom scale, separated by | character. The list should contain a caption for each unit, from the exYear to exSecond. For instance, if you want to show nothing for exHalfYear zooming unit, the OverviewZoomCaption should be: "Year||¼Year...", and so on  
By default, the OverviewZoomCaption property is "Year|½Year|¼Year|Month|Third|Week|Day|Hour|Min|Sec". The OverviewZoomCaption property supports HTML tags, and so the zooming units may display icons or/and pictures using the <img> tag. The OverviewZoomUnit property indicates the width in pixels of the zooming unit. The zooming scale displays the list of visible units. A visible unit is an unit whose Label property is not empty. So, the Label property indicates the zooming units in the zoom scale. Use the OverviewVisible property to show or hide the control's overview area.

The following picture shows the zooming scale on the overview area [exAlwaysZoom] ( you can click the 1, 7 or 31, and the chart is scaled to days, weeks or moths ):


The following picture shows the control when the user right clicks the overview area ( as the chart displays weeks ) [exZoomOnRClick]:

For instance, in the OverviewZoomCaption property is "Year|½Year|¼Year|<img>3</img>Month|Third|<img>2</img>Week|<img>1</img>Day|Hour|Min|Sec". The Day, Month and Week units displays an icon too. Use the Images method to load a list of icons to your control. Use the HTMLPicture property to use custom sized pictures to your HTML captions.