Columns object
The ExG2antt control supports multiple columns. The Columns object contains a collection of Column objects. Use the Columns property of the control to access the control columns. By default, the control's columns collection is empty, so the user must add at least one column, before adding new items and bars. Each item has a cell corresponding to each column. The control's header displays the columns, while the chart's header displays the time scale units. The Column object can be accessed at the adding time, or using the Item or ItemBySortPosition property. Also, the control fires the AddColumn event is fired when a new columns has been added to Columns collection. 

The following screen shot shows the list part of the control, in other words, the part that displays the columns of the control:

The Columns object supports the following method and properties:

  AddAdds a Column object to the collection and returns a reference to the newly created object. 
  ClearRemoves all objects in a collection. 
  CountReturns the number of objects in a collection. 
  ItemReturns a specific Column of the Columns collection. 
  ItemBySortPositionReturns a Column object giving its sorting position. 
  RemoveRemoves a specific member from the Columns collection. 
  SortBarColumnReturns the Column from control's SortBar giving its position. 
  SortBarColumnsCountRetrieves the count of Columns, in the control's SortBar