property G2antt.FilterBarCaption as String
Specifies the filter bar's caption.

   String A string value that defines the expression to display the control's filter bar.  

By default, the FilterBarCaption property is empty. You can use the FilterBarCaption property to define the way the filter bar's caption is being displayed. The FilterBarCaption is displayed on the bottom side of the control where the control's filter bar is shown. While the FilterBarCaption property is empty, the control automatically builds the caption to be displayed on the filter bar from all columns that participates in the filter using its name and values. For instance, if the control filters items based on the columns "EmployeeID" and "ShipVia", the control's filter bar caption would appear such as "[EmployeeID] = '...' and [ShipVia]  = '...'". The FilterBarCaption property supports expressions as explained bellow.

For instance:

Use the FilterBarForeColor and FilterBarBackColor properties to define the colors used to paint the description for control's filter. Use the FilterBarHeight property to specify the height of the control's filter bar. Use the FilterBarFont property to specify the font for the control's filter bar. Use the Description property to define predefined strings in the filter bar caption. The VisibleItemCount property specifies the number of visible items in the list. The MatchItemCount property returns the number of matching items. The FilterBarPromptVisible property specifies whether how/where the control's filter/prompt is shown.

The FilterBarCaption method supports the following keywords, constants, operators and functions:

Also, the FilterBarCaption property supports predefined constants and operators/functions as described here.

Also, the FilterBarCaption property supports HTML format as described here:

Also, newer HTML format supports decorative text like follows: