property G2antt.ScrollPos(Vertical as Boolean) as Long
Specifies the vertical/horizontal scroll position.

   Vertical as Boolean A boolean expression that specifies the scrollbar being requested. True indicates the Vertical scroll bar, False indicates the Horizontal scroll bar.  
   Long A long expression that defines the scroll bar position.  
Use the ScrollPos property to change programmatically the position of the control's scroll bar. Use the ScrollPos property to get the horizontal or vertical scroll position.Use the ScrollBars property to define the control's scroll bars. Use the Scroll method to scroll programmatically the control's content. The control fires the OffsetChanged event when the control's scroll position is changed. Use the ScrollTo method to ensure that a specified date fits the chart's client area. The FirstVisibleDate property specifies the first visible date.

The following VB sample scrolls to the row 10,000:

With G2antt1
    .ScrollPos(True) = 10000
End With