property Level.Count as Long
Counts the units in the level.

   Long A Long expression that indicates the number of units being displayed in the same place in the level.  
By default, the Count property is 1. The Count property specifies the number of units being displayed in the level. The Label property may change the Unit and the Count property. The Unit property specifies the unit being used to display labels in the level. Use the Label property to assign a caption for the level. Use the NextDate property to get the next date. Use the Zoom method to zoom the chart to a specified interval of dates. Use the FormatDate property to format a date to a specified format. Use the CountVisibleUnits property and the ClientWidth property of the eXPrint component to specify that you need to display the chart on a single page. The StartPrintDate and EndPrintDate property specifies range of dates within the chart is printed. 

The following screen shot shows a header that displays the dates from 3 by 3 days :