property Note.PartFixedWidth(Part as NotePartEnum) as Long
Specifies whether the part has a fixed width.

Part as NotePartEnum A NotePartEnum expression that indicates the part to specify the width
Long A Long expression that specifies the fixed width of the part.
By default, the PartFixedWidth property is 0. The property has no effect if 0.  The PartText property indicates the HTML caption being shown in the note. If no text is assigned, use the PartFixedWidth / PartFixedHeight properties to specify a blank frame. Use the The PartBackColor property to specify an EBN object to show a different visual appearance for the part ( borders and background ). The PartBorderColor property indicates the color to show the part's frame. Use the PartBorderSize property on 0, to hide the part's borders.  Use the ClearPartBackColor method to erase the part's background color so you can put a transparent picture using the <img> tag in the PartText property. Use the PartShadow property to hide the shadow around the part.