Notes object
(exn2tes) The Notes collection holds a collection of Note objects. A note can be associated with a DATE in the chart or can be associated to a BAR in the chart. A note is a box that moves together with the related object. For instance, if a note is associated with the starting point of the bar ( start date ), and the user resizes the bar in the left side ( so it changes the starting point of the bar ), the related box/note is moved relatively too. The Notes object can be accessed through the Notes property of the Chart object. A Note or a Box can display HTML captions, images, icons, borders, links, and it is fully customizable. The note is composed by two parts, the starting part and end part, that can be linked together. The start part is related to the DATE or to the BAR, while the end part is related to the start part of the note, such us if the start part is moved, the end part is relatively moved. The user can move the end part around the start part, while the start part remains unchanged, or can move so the entire box is moved relatively to the object ( DATE or BAR ). Use the Items.ItemBar(exBarCaption) property to assign a HTML text, icons, pictures to a bar. Use the Items.ItemBar(exBarExtraCaption) property to add or associate extra captions to a bar.

Using notes feature of the control you can associate notes or boxes to dates or bars as follow:

The following animated screen shows some of capabilities for notes:

The following screen shot shows notes//boxes associated to bars:


The following screen shot shows notes//boxes associated to bars:



The Notes collection supports the following properties and methods:

  AddAdds a new note/box to the control and returns a reference to the newly created object. 
  ClearRemoves all notes in the control. 
  ClipToSpecifies the region of the chart to clip the notes. 
  CountReturns the number of objects in a collection. 
  ItemReturns a specific note/box. 
  RemoveRemoves a specific note/box from the collection.