property Dialog.Picture as IPictureDisp
Retrieves or sets the control's picture.

IPictureDisp A Picture object that specifies the control's picture.

Use the Picture property to define the control's picture. The Play method plays animation from specified ACS/ACF file. Use the Enabled property to show or hide the agent/assistant control. Use the Transparency property to specify whether the picture is shown using transparent colors. Use the TransparentFrom and TransparentTo properties to define the transparent colors. The control's size is defined by the control's picture. If the control has no picture the control's size is empty.  Use the BackColor property to define the control's background color if the Picture points to an icon file. Use the Caption property to specify the control's caption. The PictureChanged event occurs once the Picture property is changed. The Picture property has no effect if the Attach method is not called.