property Bar.OverlaidType as OverlaidBarsTypeEnum
Specifies how the overlay bars are shown.

OverlaidBarsTypeEnum A OverlaidBarsTypeEnum expression that specifies how overlaid bars are shown.
By default, the OverlaidType property is exOverlaidBarsNone. By default ( exOverlaidBarsNone ) the overlaid bars are not displayed, as shown in the second picture. For instance, if the OverlaidType property is exOverlaidBarsOffset and two task bars are cover each other, they get displayed using a different offset. The IntersectBars property determines if two bars intersects if returns 0. The ItemBar(exBarIntersectWith) property retrieves a collection of bars that interest with the current bar. Use the OverlaidOnMoving property to prevent overlaying the bars while the user moves or resizes the bar at runtime.

Use the Overlaid... properties when multiple bars are displayed in the same item and you want to distingue them when they covers each other. In order to get the overlay feature runs please follow the steps: 

The following picture shows the bars arranged as a stack, when multiple bars cover each others bars: ( OverlaidType = exOverlaidBarsStack Or exOverlaidBarsStackAutoArrange )

The following picture shows the bars using a different vertical offset and a different transparency, when multiple bars cover others bars: ( OverlaidType = exOverlaidBarsOffset Or exOverlaidBarsTransparent )

By default, the following picture shows the bars at the same vertical offset, when multiple bars covers others bars: ( OverlaidType = exOverlaidBarsNone )

The OverlaidType displays the bars that covers each other as follow: