constants LinkStyleEnum
Use the LinksStyle property to specify the style of the pen to draw all links in the chart. Use the Link(exLinkStyle) property to change the style for a specific link. Use the Link(exLinkShowRound) property to show round links. Use the AntiAliasing property to specify anti-aliasing rendering to show the links within the chart. The link can have one of the following styles:

exLinkSolid0 The link is solid.
exLinkDash1 The link is dashed.
exLinkDot2 The link is dotted.
exLinkDashDot3 The link has alternating dashes and dots. 
exLinkDashDotDot4 The link has alternating dashes and double dots. 
exLinkTDot255 Default. The link is dotted. This style is valid only when the exLinkWidth is 1.