method SwimLane.Arrange ([ID as Variant])
Arranges the elements, starting from giving element, based on the links.

ID as Variant A long expression that specifies the identifier of the element where the arrangement should start, or missing to arrange ell elements of the control.
The  Arrange( ID ) method arranges the elements starting from element with the specified ID. If missing, all linked-elements are arranged. The Auto-Arrange feature arranges automatically horizontally or vertically the elements on the surface based on their relations, so they won't intersect one with another as much as possible. The Add ( of Elements collection ) method adds a new element on the surface, while Add ( of Links collection ) adds a new link between two elements. The DefArrange property defines options to perform the arrangement of the elements.

The Arrange method changes the position of the elements determined by:

The DefArrange property can:

The following screen shot shows the elements before calling Arrange method:

 The following screen shot shows the elements after calling Arrange method: