property Chart.ColumnsFont as IFontDisp
Retrieves or sets the font to display the columns in the chart section.

   IFontDisp A Font object to be used when showing the ColumnsFormatLevel property.  
By default, the ColumnsFont property is empty, and so the control's Font is used to show the columns in the chart section. Use the ColumnsFont property to use a different font when showing the columns in the chart part of the control. Use the Def(exCellForeColor) property to specify the column's foreground color, so in case you need to change the foreground color of the columns.  The ColumnsFormatLevel property may display any visible or hidden column. The Visible property indicates whether a column is visible or hidden in the items section. The ShowTransparentBars property to specify a transparency to displays all bars in the chart. The ColumnsTransparent property specifies the percent of the transparency to display the columns in the chart.