property Chart.ColumnsFormatLevel as String
Specifies the CRD format layout to display the columns in the chart section.

   String A String expression that indicates the CRD format to display the columns in the chart part of the control. You can use the ExCRD tool to generate the CRD strings.  
By default, the ColumnsFormatLevel property is empty, so no columns are displayed on the chart. Use the ColumnsFormatLevel property to specify the columns to be displayed on the chart's section. The ColumnsFormatLevel property may display any visible or hidden column. For instance, the ColumnsFormatLevel = "0" displays the first column ( the column with the index 0 ), on the chart. The ColumnsFont property indicates the font to be used when showing the columns on the chart part of the control. The ColumnsTransparent property specifies the percent of the transparency to display the columns in the chart. The Visible property indicates whether a column is visible or hidden in the items section. The ShowTransparentBars property to specify a transparency to displays all bars in the chart. The SelBackColor/SelForeColor property indicates whether the selected item is highlighted in the chart section. 

The columns section displays the expanding +/- buttons only if:

are NOT set on 0. If any of these is 0, the expanding +/- buttons in the chart is not shown.

The following screen shot shows columns on the chart part of the control:

Here's a few samples of using the CRD syntax: