method Items.RemoveLinksOf (Item as HITEM, BarKey as Variant)
Removes the links that goes or ends on the specified bar.

   Item as HITEM A long expression that specifies the handle of the item that hosts the bar whose links are being removed.  
   BarKey as Variant A VARIANT expression that specify the key of the bar in the item whose links are removed.  
The RemoveLinksOf method removes all links that start or end on the specified bar. If the Item and BarKey does not indicate an existing bar the RemoveLinksOf method has no effect. Use the RemoveLink method to remove the specified link. Use the Link(exLinkGroupBars) on exGroupBarsNone to ungroup the linked bars. Use the UngroupBars method to ungroup one or two bars. Use the ClearLinks method to remove all links in the control. Use the ShowLinks property to hide all links in the control.