property Note.PartCanMove(Part as NotePartEnum) as Boolean
Specifies whether the user can move the part of the note.

   Part as NotePartEnum A NotePartEnum expression that specifies the part to be movable  
   Boolean A Boolean expression that specifies whether the part of the note is movable or fixed.   
By default, all parts of the note are fixed, in other words the PartCanMove property is False. Once, the PartCanMove property is True, the shape of the cursor that hovers the part is changed to indicate a movement, and so the user can click and drag the part to a new position. Use the PartCanMove property to allow the user to move the note relative to the DATE or BAR, or relative to the starting part of the note. For instance, if the user moves the starting part of the note, the RelativePosition property is changed from 0 to 1, while if the ending part of the note is moved, the PartHOffset / PartVOffset properties are adjusted. Use the PartVisible property to show or hide the note's starting or ending part.

The movement of the parts can be:

 The RelativePosition property indicates a float value between 0 and 1 relative to the object DATE or BAR associated with as follow:

The PartHOffset / PartVOffset properties indicate the horizontal / vertical offset as follow:

The moving cursor is shown on the movable part if:

The following screen shows shows how the notes can be moved by the user: