property G2antt.HeaderVisible as HeaderVisibleEnum

Retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the control's header is visible or hidden.

HeaderVisibleEnum A HeaderVisibleEnum expression that specifies whether the control's header bar is visible or hidden.

By default, the HeaderVisible property is exHeaderVisible (True). Use the HeaderVisible property to hide the control's header bar. The control's header bar displays the levels in the chart area too. Use the LevelCount property to specify the number of levels being displayed in the chart's header. Use the Level property to access the level in the chart area. Use the Caption property to specify the column's caption being displayed in the control's header bar. Use the HeaderAppearance property to change the header bar's appearance. The HeaderEnabled property enables or disables the control's header. Use the BackColorHeader and ForeColorHeader properties to customize the control's header. Use the BackColorLevelHeader property to specify the background color of the header when it displays multiple levels. Use the HeaderHeight property to specify the height of the control's header bar. Use the SortBarVisible property to specify whether the control's sort bar is visible or it is hidden. Use the OverviewVisible property to show or hide the chart's overview area. Use the ColumnsAllowSizing property to allow resizing the columns, when the control's header bar is not visible. The HistogramHeaderVisible property to show the chart's header in bottom part of the histogram.