property G2antt.SortBarVisible as Boolean
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether control's sort bar is visible or hidden.

Boolean A boolean expression that indicates whether the sort bar is visible or hidden.
Use the SortBarVisible property to show the control's sort bar. By default, the SortBarVisible property is False. Use the SingleSort property to specify whether the control supports sorting by single or multiple columns. Sorting by a single column in the control is a simple matter of clicking on the column head. Sorting by multiple columns, however, is not so obvious. But it's actually quite easy. The user has two options to sort by multiple columns:

The HeaderEnabled property enables or disables the control's header (including the control's sort/groupby-bar) 

The control's sort bar displays the SortBarCaption expression, when it contains no columns, like follows ( the "Drag a column header ..." area is the control's sort bar ) :

The sort bar displays the list of columns being sorted in their order as follows:

The SortOrder property adds or removes programmatically columns in the control's sort bar. Use the SortPosition property to specify the position of the column in the sorting columns collection. Use the ItemBySortPosition property to access the columns being sorted. Use the SortOnClick property to specify the action that control should execute when user clicks the column's header. Use the AllowSort property to specify whether the user sorts a column by clicking the column's header. The control fires the Sort event when the user sorts a column. Use the Chart object to access all properties and methods related to the G2antt chart. Use the OverviewVisible property to show or hide the chart's overview area.