Welcome to EONTROL
Exontrol is devoted to create innovative user interface components for Windows applications, on /COM, /NET or /WPF platforms, since 1999. "eXontrol" comes from e(s)pecial (c)ontrol, where sc makes the X. Software development never stops. Neither do we. Our components are and will continue to be cutting edge development tools that adapt to the needs of our customers and to the changing software development environment. On this site you find components/tools/products/samples that are used in programming languages such as JavaScript, VB, VB.NET, VBA, C++, C#, X++, VFP, Access, Excel, Word, HTML, Delphi, Smalltalk, uniPaas (eDeveloper), Clarion, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, xBasic, Visual Objects, Visual Dataflex, PowerBuilder, LabVIEW, Xbase++, AutoIt, Power++, FORTH, OpenEdge and so on...

The following movie shows the Predecessor/Successor feature

Tasks may have multiple predecessors or multiple successors. Before you begin establishing dependencies, it's important to understand that there are four types: Finish to Start (FS), the predecessor ends before the successor can begin, Start to Start (SS), the predecessor begins before the successor can begin, Finish to Finish (FF), the predecessor ends before the successor can end, Start to Finish (SF), the predecessor begins before the successor can end. The Predecessor/Successor columns show the bar's predecessor/successor based on its incoming/outgoing links. The control allows you to highlight the selected link, to add or remove the links based on the dependencies you type.

The following movie shows the expandable HTML caption feature

The expandable-captions allow you to expand(show)/collapse(hide) different information using "<a ;exp=>" or "<a ;e64=>" anchor ex-HTML tag. The exp/e64 field of the anchor stores the information to show once the user collapses/expands the caption. Any ex-HTML caption can be transformed to an expandable-caption, by inserting the anchor ex-HTML tag. For instance, "<solidline><b>Header</b></solidline><br>Line1<r><a ;exp=show lines>+</a><br>Line2<br>Line3" shows the Header in underlined and bold on the first line and Line1, Line2, Line3 on the rest. The "show lines" is shown instead of Line1, Line2, Line3 once the user clicks the + sign. The feature will be available for almost all components that provide the AnchorClick event, such as eXSwimlane, eXSurface, eXHTML, eXG2antt, and so on (/COM, /NET, /WPF and Javascript as well)

The following movie shows the undo/redo feature

You can undo and redo your last design actions on the surface. To undo an action, press Ctrl + Z. To redo an undone action, press Ctrl + Y. The Undo and Redo features let you remove or repeat single or multiple UI actions, but all actions must be undone or redone in the order you did or undid them you can t skip actions. For example, if you change the shape of three elements and then decide you want to undo the first change you made, you must undo all three changes. The feature will be available for eXSurface, eXSwimlane and eXSchedule /COM, /NET, /WPF and Javascript.

The following movie shows the ImageSize feature

The ImageSize property allows you to change the default icon size from 16 to any other value. In other words, ability to specify the size for icons, check-box, radio-buttons, expand-collapse glyphs and so on. The Images method allows app to load icons from files, streams or BASE-64 encoded strings. The ImageSize property should be defined before the Images method, so the correct resolution for ICO is chosen. This feature will be available for all UI controls that support Images method.

The following movie shows the first-look of the newly eXComboBox/JS tool

The ExComboBox/JS tool allows you to display a drop-down panel (Bezier, Calendar, Gantt, Gauge, Menu, OrgChart, Pivot, RadialMenu, Schedule, ScrollBar, Surface, SwimLane Tree or any other HTML element) once the user clicks a button. For instance, you can select a different item from a drop-down tree or list control, or you can select a different date from a drop-down calendar control. The ExComboBox/JS is a HTML standalone-component, written in JavaScript, that uses no third-party libraries.
*Added: FilterPromptEnum.exFilterPromptWords Or FilterPromptEnum.exFilterPromptStartWith filters for items that starts with the exactly the word (not partially).
*Added: FilterPromptEnum.exFilterPromptWords Or FilterPromptEnum.exFilterPromptEndWith filters for items that starts with the exactly the word (not partially).
*Added: FilterPromptEnum.exFilterPromptCaseSensitive Or FilterPromptEnum.exFilterPromptPattern filter items using the giving pattern (case-sensitive). For instance, "a*" filters for all items that starts with lowercase "a"
*Added: The Background(exScrollHoverAll/500) property specifies whether the hover-all feature is by default (0), always on (-1) or disabled(1). By default (Background(exScrollHoverAll) = 0), the left/top, right/bottom and thumb parts of the control' scrollbars are displayed in hover state while the cursor hovers any part of the scroll bar (hover-all feature). The hover-all feature is available on Windows 11 or greater, if only left/top, right/bottom, thumb, lower and upper-background parts of the scrollbar are visible, no custom visual-appearance is applied to any visible part. The hover-all feature is always on If Background(exScrollHoverAll) = -1. The Background(exScrollHoverAll) = 1 disables the hover-all feature.
*Added: Show the Left/Top or Right/Bottom buttons of the control's scrollbar on Windows 11 or greater, while the cursor hovers the scrollbar's background.
*Fixed: The scroll button's appearance is restored to normal instead of hover state when the mouse button is released
*Added: ExFileView.pdf (include the control's documentation in PDF format)
*Fixed: Scolls the control's header on the fly, when user scrolls the control's content by drag and drop (AutoDrag property on exAutoDragScroll)
*Fixed: The "Do you want to save changes to the design of form ''? Yes, No, Cancel" message occurs in MS Access, every time the form is closed in design mode
*Added: Update the samples to support x64 configuration (/COM version)
*Fixed: A GPF may occur on closing the form/window/dialog if one or more events are handled by AttachTemplate method
*Fixed: The Text property retrieves just the first visible line, if WordWrap property is True
*Added: The ShowToolTip method can be used to update the object's tooltip, title or position. For instance, ShowToolTip(`<null>`,`<null>`,,`+8`,`+8`) during MouseMove event, shows the tooltip of the object moved relative to its default position.
*Added: The control's tooltip is shown when the cursor hovers it no matter if the window that hosts the control is activated
*Fixed: The expropertieslist/com fails if the user is trying to spy the control (x64 version only, AllowSpy property, browses the object by drag and drop)