EXHTML(WYSIWYG HTML editor control)
Download Display and edit built-in HTML without relying on Internet Explorer. exHTML is a display/edit engine for our built-in HTML format. It is written from scratch in C++/C#. It does not rely on IE for rendering HTML, and its functionality is similar to a Web browser for display/edit purposes. exHTML can be used for the provision of extremely flexible user interfaces generated on demand. It can also function as a complex layout management system for text, controls, and graphics. The control doesn't require additional files or libraries like MFC, VB or anything else, and does not subclass the system's EDIT window class.

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Features of eXHTML include:
General information about eXHTML product:
Identifier: Exontrol.HTML, exontrol.EXHTMLLib.exhtml, wpf.exontrol.EXHTMLLib.exhtml
Files: exhtml.dll, exhtml.ocx, exontrol.exhtml.dll, exhtml.net, wpf.exontrol.exhtml.dll,exhtml.wpf
Available As:
Available since: 201498
Compatible with: VB, VB.NET, VBA, C++, C#, X++, VFP, VFP Advanced (x64), Access, HTML, Delphi, Smalltalk, uniPaas(eDeveloper), Clarion, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, xBasic, Visual Objects, Visual Dataflex, PowerBuilder, LabVIEW, Xbase++, AutoIt, Power++, FORTH, Progress
Lines of code: 110,548 (95,199 excluding comments and empty lines)
Includes: Objects 4, Functions 197, Events 20, Definitions 16
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