EXPopupMenu(context menu control)

The ExPopupMenu ActiveX control allows you to display and handle a shortcut menu (window popup menu) or a window's menu bar. The ExPopupMenu control contains also a MenuButton object that allows attaching a popup menu to a push button. Building the menu is more than intuitive because the control provides a WYSIWYG editor, at design time. The eXPopupMenu uses the system's popup menu. For /NET or /WPF enviroment, you can try the eXContextMenu component, that's written from scratch, does not use the system's popup menu, and comes with awesome features.

Features of eXPopupMenu include:
General information about eXPopupMenu product:
Identifier: Exontrol.ExPopupMenu
Files: expmenu.dll, expmenu.ocx
Available As:
Available since: 2001229
Compatible with: VB, VB.NET, VBA, C++, X++, C#, VFP, VFP Advanced (x64), Access, HTML, Delphi, Smalltalk, eDeveloper, xBasic, Power++, Progress
Lines of code: 25,269 (22,141 excluding comments and empty lines)
Includes: Objects 5, Functions 126, Events 5, Definitions 8
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