EXSchedule(appointments scheduler control)
Download The eXSchedule tool is our approach to provide scheduling of appointments into your application. The ExSchedule library lets the user changes its visual appearance using skins, each one providing an additional visual experience that enhances viewing pleasure. Skins are relatively easy to build and put on any part of the control.

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General information about eXSchedule product:
Identifier: Exontrol.Schedule, exontrol.EXSCHEDULELib.exschedule, wpf.exontrol.EXSCHEDULELib.exschedule
Files: exschedule.dll, exschedule.ocx, exontrol.exschedule.dll, exschedule.net, wpf.exontrol.exschedule.dll, exschedule.wpf
Available As:
Available since: 201212
Compatible with: VB, VB.NET, VBA, C++, X++, C#, VFP, VFP Advanced (x64), Access, HTML, Delphi, Smalltalk, uniPaas (eDeveloper), Clarion, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, xBasic, Visual Objects, PowerBuilder, LabVIEW, XBase++, AutoIt, Power++, FORTH, Progress
Lines of code: 227,441 (196,603 excluding comments and empty lines)
Includes: Objects 23, Functions 738, Events 26, Definitions 37
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