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Exontrol is devoted to create innovative user interface components for Windows applications, on /COM, /NET or /WPF platforms, since 1999. "eXontrol" comes from e(s)pecial (c)ontrol, where sc makes the X. Software development never stops. Neither do we. Our components are and will continue to be cutting edge development tools that adapt to the needs of our customers and to the changing software development environment. On this site you find components/tools/products/samples that are used in programming languages such as VB, VB.NET, VBA, C++, C#, X++, VFP, Access, Excel, Word, HTML, Delphi, Smalltalk, uniPaas (eDeveloper), Clarion, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, xBasic, Visual Objects, Visual Dataflex, PowerBuilder, LabVIEW, Xbase++, AutoIt, Power++, FORTH, and so on...

The following movie shows the type of links the XG2antt supports:

The following movie shows what type of links you can connect the activities. Currently, you specify rectangular, direct, straight and round links. The rectangular type can be start-end horizontally, start vertically, end vertically, and start-end vertically. The start vertically, end vertically, and start-end vertically are new, so they are not available in previously versions. Any link can be of different color, style, size, different arrow, and so on. Any link can start from the left, center, right-side of the starting bar to left, center, right-side of the ending bar. More details here

latest changes and additions

*NEW: Easy way to define the control's visual appearance in design mode, using XP-Theme elements or EBN objects.
*Added: VisualDesign property specifies the control's visual appearance. The VisualDesign value is a BASE64 encoded string, that can be defined using the control's WYSWYG Visual Design Editor, which can be invoked by selecting the control in Design Mode, select Properties, go to the VisualDesign property and click the ... in the Properties browser. The value for this property can be used on /COM, /NET or /WPF. The /WPF version does not have the inside editor, instead any you can use the /COM or /NET to generate the BASE64 encoded strings for this property.
*Fixed: On Windows 7, the user can not open the open file dialog on MSDEV using the ShowImageList property ( VC 6.0 )
*Fixed: The Template property shows no ... button in the properties browser.
*NEW: Ability to save/load automatically the control's layout.
*NEW: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, EMF Support (  Ability to save the control's content to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, EMF formats )
*Added: Layout property, saves or loads the control's layout, an that means, the position, width, visibility, sort order of the control's columns and the scroll position, filtering, selection, and so on. The Layout property saves/loads almost all properties of the columns, that user can change at runtime, using the control's user interface.
*NEW: Major/Radical improvements for XMLGrid component
*Added: AllowDuplicateEntries property, returns or sets a value that specifies whether the control supports nodes with the same key ( duplicates ). The property can be changed at runtime, while the control's nodes collection is empty.
*Added: Appearance.RenderType property specifies the way colored EBN objects are displayed on the component. For instance use the RenderType on -3 (0xFFFFFFFD), no color is applied, -2, for OR-color scheme (0xFFFFFFFE), -1 (0xFFFFFFFF) for AND-color scheme, ( older EBN color schemes ). The RenderType property is 0 by default, which indicates an A-color scheme. The first significant byte indicates the transparency while the other bytes indicates the RGB value.
*Added: Ability to specify the node's editor without calling the Editors.Add before, by specify the Node.Editor property to a EditTypeEnum value. For instance, Nodes.Add("Date", Date).Editor = EXMLGRIDLibCtl.EditTypeEnum.DateType, adds a node with a DateType editor.
*Added: Shows the pictures in the control as grayed, if the Enabled property is False ( the control is disabled )
*Fixed: The control fails if you click and hold the left mouse button on the thumb of the scrollbar itself and drag up and down and then click the right mouse button whilst the left button is still pressed
*Added: DPI-Aware Support
*NEW: Support for EBN 1004 version ( DPI-Aware support ).
*Added: The exClientExt attribute of the EBN/BackgroundExt/BackgroundExtValue supports DPI values, if the number is followed by a D character. For instance, if the DPI scaling is 100%, the 16d is 16, while for a 150% DPI scaling, the 16d is 24. In other words, "top[4,back=RGB(0,0,255)]", draws a blue line on the top side of the object's background, of 4-pixels wide, no matter of DPI scaling, while "top[4D,back=RGB(0,0,255)]", draws the line of 4-pixels wide if DPI scaling is 100%, or 6-pixels wide if DPI scaling is 150% )
*Added: The coordinates of the CP clause of the Skin parameter of VisualAppearance.Add method can be followed by a D character, which indicates the value according to the current DPI settings. For instance, "CP:1 -2 -2 2 2", copies the EBN with the identifier 1, and displays it on a 2-pixels wider rectangle no matter of the DPI settings, while "CP:1 -2D -2D 2D 2D" displays it on a 2-pixels wider rectangle if DPI settings is 100%, and on on a 3-pixels wider rectangle if DPI settings is 150%.
*NEW: Ability to apply different HTML tags to wild expressions.
*Added: AddWild(expression) adds a HTML expression that contains wild characters such as * or ?. For instance, AddWild("<u>(*)</u>") underlines everything between () brackets ( including brackets) , or AddWild("(<b>*<b>)") bolds just the part between () brackets ( not including the brackets ), while AddWild("(<u><b>?</b></u>*)"), underlines and bolds just the first character between brackets.
*Added: Ability to highlight the word from double-click while the cursor hovers the control's content.
*Added: Wild sample


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