event DateChanged ()
Fired when the browsed date is changed.


The control fires the DateChanged event when a new date is browsed, in the drop down portion of the control. Use the Date property to change the browsed date. The DateChanged event is fired when the drop down portion of the control browses a new date. The DateChaniging event occurs when the user is about to change the browsed date by clicking any of the arrows in the calendar window. The Value property is identical with the SelDate property. Please make sure that the SelectionChanged event property is fired when the control's value is changed. The SelDate property indicates the selected date. Use the FirstVisibleDate property to get the first visible date. Use the LastVisibleDate property to get the last visible date.

The following sample displays the browsed date:

Private Sub CalendarCombo1_DateChanged()
    Debug.Print FormatDateTime(CalendarCombo1.Date)
End Sub