method Pivot.LoadXML (Source as Variant)
Loads an XML document from the specified location, using MSXML parser.

Source as Variant An indicator of the object that specifies the source for the XML document. The object can represent a file name, a URL, an IStream, a SAFEARRAY, or an IXMLDOMDocument
BooleanA boolean expression that specifies whether the XML document is loaded without errors. If an error occurs, the method retrieves a description of the error occurred.
The LoadXML method uses the MSXML ( MSXML.DOMDocument, XML DOM Document ) parser to load XML documents, previously saved using the SaveXML method. The control is emptied when the LoadXML method is called, and so the columns and items collection are emptied before loading the XML document. The DataColumns property accesses the control's Columns collection, so you can rename or specify the column's type once the control's data is loaded. The PivotColumnsFloatBarVisible property specifies whether the Columns collection is displayed to a floating bar, so user can drag and drop columns to the control's pivot bar so it gets data summarized. The ClearData method clears the control's data. Use the DisplayPivotData property to specify the number of rows to be displayed on the control's list.

The control can load data using one of the following methods:

The AppendData method appends data to the control (prevents clearing data already loaded).

The following properties may be used to group and summarize the data, once it is loaded: