property Tree.FilterBarPromptVisible as FilterBarVisibleEnum
Shows or hides the control's filter bar including filter prompt.

FilterBarVisibleEnum A FilterBarVisibleEnum expression that specifies whether the control's filter-prompt is visible or hidden
By default, The FilterBarPromptVisible property is exFilterBarHidden. The filter prompt feature allows you to filter the items as you type while the filter bar is visible on the bottom part of the list area. The Filter prompt feature allows at runtime filtering data on hidden columns too. Use the FilterBarPromptVisible property to show the filter prompt. Use the FilterBarPrompt property to specify the HTML caption being displayed in the filter bar when the filter pattern is missing. The FilterBarPromptPattern property specifies the pattern to filter the list. Changing the FilterBarPromptPattern property does not require calling the ApplyFilter method to apply the new filter, only if filtering is required right a way. The FilterBarCaption property defines the caption to be displayed on the control's filter bar. The FilterBarPromptType property specifies the type of filtering when the user edits the prompt in the filter bar.  The FilterBarPromptColumns property specifies the list of columns to be used when filtering by prompt. The DisplayFilterButton property specifies whether the column's header displays a filter button. The VisibleItemCount property retrieves the number of visible items in the list. The control fires the FilterChanging event just before applying the filter, and  FilterChange once the list gets filtered.

The following screen show shows the filter prompt:

The following screen show shows the list once the user types "london":