property Bar.HistogramColor as Color
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates the color to be used in the histogram.

Color A Color expression that specifies the color of the pattern being displayed for the bar in the histogram. The last 7 bits in the high significant byte of the color indicates the identifier of the skin being used. Use the Add method to add new skins to the control. The skin object is used to draw the histogram. 

By default, the HistogramColor property is identical with the Color property. By default, no bar is represented in the histogram. A bar is represented in the histogram only if HistogramPattern or HistogramColor property is set. Use the HistogramColor property to define the color of the pattern  or the skin object to be displayed in the histogram. Use the HistogramType property to specify the type of the graph to be displayed in the histogram for specified bar. Use the HistogramBackColor property to specify the histogram's background color. Use the HistogramVisible property to show or hide the histogram. Use the HistogramHeight property to specify at runtime the height of the histogram. The ResizeUnitScale property determines the refinement for the histogram part. For instance, if the chart displays days, while the bars are represented up to hours, the ResizeUnitScale property on exHour, will determine the histogram to show up to hours.

Please follow the steps in order to view your bars in the histogram.

  1. Changes the HistogramVisible property on True ( by default, it is False ). After setting the HistogramVisible property on True, the control shows a horizontal splitter in the bottom side of the control.
  2. Adjusts the height of the histogram view using the HistogramHeight property ( by default it is 0 ). After setting the HistogramHeight property on a value greater than 0, the control shows a the histogram view in the bottom side of the control.
  3. Changes the HistogramPattern or/and HistogramColor property, else no bars will be shown in the histogram. The HistogramPattern/HistogramColor properties belong to a Bar object. For instance the Chart.Bars("Task").HistogramPattern = exPatternDot, specifies that the Task bars will be represented in the histogram using the exPatternDot pattern ()

The followings are optional properties that you can set in order to customize your histogram: