property Chart.OverviewSelBackColor as Color
Specifies the selection color of the chart's overview.

Color A color expression that defines the selected items background color. The last 7 bits in the high significant byte of the color indicates the identifier of the skin being used. Use the Add method to add new skins to the control. If you need to remove the skin appearance from a part of the control you need to reset the last 7 bits in the high significant byte of the color being applied to the background's part.
Use the OverviewSelBackColor property specifies background color or the visual appearance for the selection in the chart's overview. The user can resize the chart by drag and drop the left or right resize-margins of the overview-selection, while the Background(exOverviewSelResize) property is not zero. The AllowResizeChart property specifies whether the user can enlarge (zoom-in,zoom-out) or resize the chart using the control's header, middle mouse button. The OverviewBackColor property specifies the background color for the overview area. The OverviewVisible property specifies whether the chart's overview layout is visible or hidden. Use the OverviewHeight property to specify the height in pixels, of the overview area. The OverviewToolTip property specifies the format of the tooltip being displayed when the cursor hovers the overview area. The OverviewLevelLines property indicates the index of the level that displays the grid lines in the overview area. The OverviewSelTransparent property indicates the transparency to show the selection in the items or scale-zoom part of the overview map. The Background(exOverviewSelUnit) property specifies the background color / visual appearance to display the selected unit within the control's overview.