method Chart.RemoveTimeZone (Key as Variant)
Removes a time-zone being highlighted using the MarkTimeZone method.

Key as Variant A String expression that specifies the key of the date-time zone to be removed. The Key parameter of the supports a pattern with wild characters as *,?,# or [], if the Key starts with "<" and ends on ">" aka "<Z*>" which indicates all date-time zones with the key Z or starts on Z. If the Key parameter specifies a pattern, it removes all date-time zones, with the key that matches the giving pattern.
A zone can be used to highlight a range of dates, specifying the start and end zone. Use the RemoveTimeZone method to deletes the time zone being added previously using the MarkTimeZone method. The TimeZoneFromPoint property retrieves the key of the time-zone from the cursor. The TimeZoneInfo property retrieves information about the time-zone giving its key. The MarkTodayColor property specifies the color to mark the today date. Use the SelectDate property to select a date by clicking the chart's header. Use the MarkNowColor property to show a vertical bar that indicates the current date-time in the control's chart, from seconds to seconds, minutes, and so on. For instance, the Chart.RemoveTimeZone("<*>") removes/clear all date-time zones.