property Chart.UnitWidth as Long
Specifies the width in pixels for the minimal unit.

Long A Long expression that indicates the width of the time unit, in pixels.
Use the UnitWidth property to specify the width of the time unit. Use the UnitScale property to change the scale unit. Use the PaneWidth property to specify the width of the chart area. Use the Label property to specify the label being displayed in the level. Use the Zoom method to zoom the chart to a specified interval of dates. Use the FirstVisibleDate property to specify the first visible date in the chart. Use the ScrollTo property to ensure that a specified date fits the chart's client area. Use the Alignment property to align the label in the level. Use the Count property to increase the number of units being displayed in the level.  Use the UnitWidthNonworking property to specify a different width for non-working units in the base level. Use the ShowNonworkingUnits property to hide the non-working units.