property G2antt.ItemsAllowSizing as ItemsAllowSizingEnum
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether a user can resize items at run-time.

ItemsAllowSizingEnum An ItemsAllowSizingEnum expression that specifies whether the user can resize a single item at runtime, or all items, at once.
By default, the ItemsAllowSizing property is exNoSizing. Use the ItemsAllowSizing property to specify whether all items are resizable. Use the ItemAllowSizing property of the Items object to specify only when few items are resizable or not. Use the ItemHeight property to specify the height of the item. The CellSingleLine property specifies whether a cell displays its caption using multiple lines. The DefaultItemHeight property specifies the default height of the items. The DefaultItemHeight property affects only items that are going to be added. It doesn't affect items already added.