property Items.ItemAllowSizing(Item as HITEM) as Boolean
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether a user can resize the item at run-time.

Item as HITEM A HITEM expression that indicates the handle of the item that can be resized.
Boolean A Boolean expression that specifies whether the user can resize the item at run-time.
By default, the user can resize the item at run-time using mouse movements. Use the ItemAllowSizing property to specify whether a user can resize the item at run-time. Use the ItemsAllowSizing property to specify whether all items are resizable or not. Use the ItemHeight property to specify the height of the item. An item is resizable if the ItemAllowSizing property is True, or if the ItemsAllowSizing property is True (that means all items are resizable), and the ItemAllowSizing property is not False. For instance, if your application requires all items being resizable but only few of them being not resizable, you can have the ItemsAllowSizing property on True, and for those items that are not resizable, you can call the ItemAllowSizing property on False. The user can resize an item by moving the mouse between two items, so the vertical split cursor shows up, click and drag the mouse to the new position. Use the CellSingleLine property to specify whether the cell displays its caption using multiple lines. The ScrollBySingleLine property is automatically set on True, as soon as the user resizes an item.