property Items.ItemNonworkingUnits(Item as HITEM, [InsideZoom as Variant]) as String
Gets or sets a value that indicates the formula to specify the use non-working units for the item.

Item as HITEM A long expression that specifies handle of the item being changed.
InsideZoom as Variant A Boolean expression that specifies whether the format is applied to normal view or when the item displays inside zoom units. By default, it is False, so the format is applied to all units, including the inside zoom units. If True, the specified format is applied only to visible inside units in the item. If False, the pattern and the color for non-working days is applied, else if True, the pattern and the color for non-working hours is applied.
String A String expression that specifies the formula to determine the non-working area for the item. The value keyword in the expression specifies the unit being verified.