property Grid.SingleSel as Boolean
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the control supports single or multiple selection.

Boolean A boolean expression that indicates whether the control support single or multiple selection.

The SingleSel property specifies whether the control support single or multiple selection. By default, the SingleSel property is True, and so only a single item can be selected. Use the SelectByDrag property to disable selecting multiple items by dragging. Use the FocusItem to retrieve the handle of the focused item. If the control supports single selection, the FocusItem property gets the handle of the selected item too. The SelectedItem and SelectCount properties get the collection of selected items. Use the SelectItem property to programmatically select an item giving its handle. The control fires SelectionChanged event when the selection is changed. Use the SelBackColor and SelForeColor properties to specify the background and foreground colors for selected items. Use the SelectableItem property to specify the user can select an item. The FullRowSelect property specifies whether the selection spans the entire width of the control. The control doesn't support selection when using the virtual unbound mode. Use the SelectAll method to select all visible items, when the control supports multiple selection. The SelectPos property selects/unselects items by position. The Selection property selects/unselects items by index.