property Items.ItemHeight(Item as HITEM) as Long

Retrieves or sets the item's height.

Item as HITEM A long expression that indicates the handle of the item.
Long A long value that indicates the item's height.

To change the default height of the item before inserting it into the items collection you can call DefaultItemHeight property. The control supports items with different heights. When an item hosts an ActiveX control ( was previously created by the InsertControlItem property ), the ItemHeight property changes the height of contained ActiveX control too. If the CellSingleLine property is False, the ItemHeight property has no effect. The Column.Def(exCellPaddingTop) and Column.Def(exCellPaddingBottom) defines the vertical padding. Use the ItemMaxHeight property to specify the maximum height of the item when its height is variable. Use the CellVAlignment property to align vertically a cell. Use the ScrollBySingleLine property when using items with different heights. Use the SelectableItem property to specify whether the user can select an item. For instance, in order to hide an item you can set the ItemHeight property on 0, and SelectableItem property on False. Use the ItemAllowSizing property to specify whether the user can resize the item at runtime.