Thanks :)

And thank you for your swift and thorough replies to my questions. I have to say that Exontrol Technical Support is the best support I have encountered for quite some time :)

Vegard vrelid
Premas, Norway

Thank you for your excellent and speedy customer service! Very excited about this product!

Malina J Galvan
Independent, USA

You guys rock. Greetings from Germany.

Johannes Roob
ZA-Software, Germany

Your product catalog is incredible and very exciting!! Either way, your software is wonderful and I can't wait to tell everybody about it!

Daniel Strong
The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course, USA

Thank you for your component, it is great.

Sengier Emmanuel
dbBase SA, France

Fantastic! That�s great response. That�s the way we respond to our customers. It�s great working with a supplier that has the same philosophy as us.

Michael Velez
Castellan Systems, Australia

Great work - the visuals on that file folder feature make it look very unique and memorable for the user!! thanks for the update!

andys software
Andy Kay, USA

Thank you for samples. Just what I was looking for. I love this control.

IBC Corporation
Scott Stikeleather, USA

Your controls look awesome, and extend vb6/vba beyond belief! I was dreading moving to .net just for being able to use .net/ajax gui elements and components - because I would lose the great "Radness" of vb6/vba. But, looks like I may not have to, since I found your website!!

AndySoft, Inc.
Andy Kay, USA

Tried it � works like a charm! Thanks for your great support! (-:)

Office im Griff GbmH
Markus Huber,

Great products! :)

ASEN-Development GmbH
Benjamin Asen, Germany

Great product! Exel-ontrol-lent.

Rectenwald Ronald, USA

Otherwise a big compliment on ExToolbar. It�s like a �Schweizer Taschenmesser� (Swiss Pocket Knife).

K3BauSoftware GmbH 
Claus-Dieter Lang, Germany

To say it in simple words: perfect support. ;)

ALSO Deutschland GmbH 
Christoph Hofmann, Germany

I want you to know that I absolutely LOVE (and am amazed by) your products. I say that because, as a developer who has been writing code for 35 years, I know that we often don't hear anything but the complaints about what is "broken" or what needs to be added. I have used your Extree product for years and have been very pleased. I am very excited about all the new features I will be able to add to my product by using the your Grid control. You make me look really good.

Random Insight Inc. 
Perry Watkins, USA


Seriously if every support for every product was as fast as you, humanity would be flying star ships by now.

Meld Limited. 
Mark Wastie, United Kingdom

Awesome set of tools. Absolutely amazing. I appreciate the unprecedented and unexpected level of support from you guys.

NetStream International, Inc. 
Bryan Utley, United States


Omer Ntumba Katuala
United States

Thank you enormously. Everything works. I will definitely recommend the purchase of the tool. The effort you have put into this in the last couple of days is invaluable and is greatly appreciated. On a personal note, for me it was a professionally overwhelming experience.

NESS Technologies
Alexander Schichmanter, Israel

T H A N K S A L O T !!!

That's why I like your controls and service!

Wpn Systems
Wim Nagtegaal, Netherlands

FANTASTIC! Grid1.EventParam is the answer. This is going to work exactly how we want it to work.

Thank you so much for continuing to assist me while reached a solution. If you have a manager or a supervisor please pass along my appreciation for your help. It might not seem like a big thing to you but the help you provided was essential in our continuing to evaluate your product. Your assistance will be the reason your company ends up with the sale.

I will build my prototype and then we will place an order for several of your controls. We are going to be using your Schedule control and this grid control on a project we are about to begin. With this ability to control the tab key and the your control's notion of column editors I like this control much better than a similar control we used for another project. I am going to recommend we retrofit your control into that project.

Data Specialists, Inc
George Rasch, USA

Understood, thanks. I love the eXhelper tool! It's the best help system I've seen for introducing something like an OCX.

Sandvik Osprey Ltd
Derek Jackson, Ph.D., United Kingdom

It looks like it works! I can now write a different subroutine for each of the menu items based on the menu id. First I can't say enough good things about the technical support over the last couple of days. Mihai and the technical staff have been great.

Owens Corning Science & Technology, LLC
Chase Boudreaux, Ph.D., USA

Thank you! Best Software Support

Steve Henning, USA

Great work will do that at once ! Never seen this kind of service from a software provider you will definitely get a Five start rating from us :-) *****

Per Sigurd Hildal, Norway

Perfect - thanks for your swift reply. Excellent custom service as usual!

CareFree Management Ltd
Martin Kelly,
United Kingdom

Wow, you really have a great support. Thanks a lot

agindo GmbH
Armin Dippel, Germany

Thank you very much for your very good and fast support!

WigaSoft AG
Robin Schilling,

I love the eXG2antt/NET product and the flexibility!

Arend-Jan Kauffmann,
The Netherlands

I'm really starting to enjoy using your tools. I hope you don't mind that I don't send a "thank you" after you expertly answer my questions. I figure that's just that much more junk for you to wade through in your inbox. Your help is always much appreciated. 

Gulf Coast Medical Center
Calvin Yockey, USA

Great! Again thank you for your excellent service and your helpful controls:-)

Ingenieurbuero Thomann
Reinhard Thomann, Germany

I�m amazed with your superb support!

Premium Data
Ben van Kooij, Netherlands

You and your product are awesome. Good job on the product.

Tesoro Corporation
Paul Duckworth, USA

Thank you for your help I look forward to purchasing EXG2antt this and several of your other products. You are offering products that the VB6 programmers need!!! Finally some real controls with power!

Hammond & Irving Inc.
Jim Wride, USA

Great respect for the great component EXG2Antt. 

Rizoudis GmbH
Kostas Rizoudis, Germany

FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect !

Thanks for your super fantastic support, we are recommending your product to all !!!!!!!!!

Oyvind Dyrseth
TRIARK Systems AS, Norway

Thanks guys for your quick answer. No one can say that your support is of bad quality!! Fantastic.

Daniel Lamarche , Australia

Great ! I am happy to count on your tech support :) and yes, I agree Exgrid grid does 10 times more than most others :)

Phil Ten , France

I thought I had made a mistake purchasing the exTree, but you saved the day! Thanks very much for the excellent and extremely fast technical support

Marlin Software.
Kevin Hunt ,
United Kingdom

Greetings. I want to introduce myself as the actual end user/developer of this license. I am excited to finally use you exSuite after a long internal procurement process and thank you for developing such an excellent Suites of controls and your obvious passion to keep it updated!.

Christopher Beaudreau, USA

The eXontrol Suite is truly outstanding. I am finding more and more uses for the controls in my projects every day.

Optitech, Inc.
John Gyenese, USA

I've had the chance to interact with the eXSchedule control over the last few weeks and this is by far the best Active X control I've seen on the market.

Ray Ferrell, USA

What a relief! Now I have our main project plan up and working with only slight difference to ms-project calculations. Thank you again!

Peter Piechutzki, Germany

Anyway, best Thanks for your great Controls and all your Help! You can be sure that I will continue to recommend your Controls and your overwhelming Support :-)

Comtech IT Systeme
Bernhard Ponemayr, Austria

By the way � I really like what you have done with these products. I plan to use in a Microsoft Access production application focused on scheduling our extrusion process. I researched over 20 packages and yours really stood out. I did have trouble finding you however so you may want to consider additional marketing�

Engineered Foam Solutions
Ken Robinson, USA

You are great ... My congratulations anyway for all controls. I created a win32 application, and my clients are very satisfied with the eXGrid, eXComboBox, eXG2antt, eXOrgChart and eXShellView ... and now eXPivot ... (next step I implement eXSchedule for PIM). You are really professional and helpful.... Number one....

Corrado Raumer, Italy

Thank you so much for you quick response. I have to say... your support is excellent! Looking forward to working with you in the future. You guys have Excellent Customer Service!

DPT Laboratories, LTD.
Alex Roca, USA

I'm impressed with your service/support. Keep it up.

Neuro Infomatics Pvt. Ltd.
Praveen Kumar, India

I must say, apart from this minor issue (which hopefully you could sort out), your components is many folds better than the other ones we evaluated such as ctDayView (DBI componenet) and CodeJock. Once again, thank you so much for your help and we are hoping to finalize the purchase after we get this little issue sorted out.

Indu Liyanage
Medical Wizard, Australia

Everything is working fine now, I think your component meets our needs very well, your documentation is amazing good.

Daniel Schuchardt
CIMPCS GmbH, Germany

You guys/gals are GREAT!

Gary Wittlock
Wittlock Engineering LLC, USA

Many thanks, Mihai. I do wonder if you can find a less complicated way to get distributable controls out to your customers' clients, but I am very impressed with the speed of response from your company support desk, which has more than made up for it. Many thanks. The control itself is rock solid, and very easy to program. Well done!

Tim Finch
timfinch.co.uk Technology Consultancy,
United Kingdom

Everything is just perfect! The eXontrol products are full of advanced and nicely designed features and I have never seen such well documented components before. Finally, knowing your professional and devoted customer support makes eXontrol a secure and wise choice for me as a software developer.

Niklas Larsson
SystemConnect, Sweden

That's exactly what I need. I cannot find words to say how suprised I am with taking these TODO's into action even the same day. I haven't seen it before in any company like yours. I am happy to be your customer and looking forward to future with your controls :) Great job!

Robert Rafiński
MC Construction Management,
United Kingdom

First� your support is beyond my expectation! Great! In the meantime I buyed your products G2Gantt, Popupmenu and Calendar....

Herro Wijnholds
van der Heide Groep, Netherlands

Exontrol components are fast, feature-rich and small. I love them. Extree controls encounters several expectations during my test last night. I'll carefully find the reason and report to you if needed.

Huang Feng
LISHENG.biz, China

Again : Thanks for your superb support ! - I will order your Gantt control today :-)

Oyvind Dyrseth
TRIARK Systems AS,

Yes, your code is verified, and works like a charm, thanks for your assistance. As a sidenote, I'm now more convinced that my real application will indeed use your component. If not for your components abilities, which are excellent, for your most outstanding support. :-)

Jonas Blom
Delacroy IT-Konsult AB, Sweden

This is what I call "support" !!!! Finally I got to you by Google, to be precise, I found some forum where somebody mentioned your control....Before you, I tried 6 other controls, but yours is much superior in all aspects and price is very acceptable

Tomislav Luketić
INIM, Croatia

It works!! Many thanks! I probably need your help more often in the near future. We are evaluating your product to find out if it meets our requirements, and at this point it certainly does. Also your support is important to us and at this moment it's above my expectations. I already read somewhere on the internet that the support from Exontrol is good and I have to admit it's true. Our meaning it to integrate your product into our ERP product to use the chart for production planning.

Joris van de Weegh
Imtech ICT Application Solutions,

It seems that your Product is the one I am searching for days. Absolutely fantastic! Exactly what we need.

Dieter Liessmann
top solutions, Germany

Well that just worked perfectly. Didn't really expect anything else from you :). The things we tried were not that far off but as usual all it takes is a parameter that is not correct and.. Thank you very much for the help Mihai. If you ever need a reference or such you can contact us.

Thomas Askeryd
MWM Group, Sweden

Perfect� I just like your products, your service has been wonderful and was trying to help get the name out more. Once again, your support is one of the best I have had the pleasure to deal with. 

Steven Britton
aXs Info, Inc, USA

Thank you very much for the super fast help! It works perfectly!

Thomas G�rtler
punkt Software Development, Germany

I'am very surprised and pleased about your very competent and quick support !! I'am very excited if your control work's like this also this!

Frank Grether
DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland

Thank you very much for your unbelievable lightning-fast reaction and the change of code! You have an extremely good product support. I will test the new component in the next few days and give you a brief feedback. Thank you very, very much!

Gerold Luebben
GLS Software & Systeme, Germany

That explains everything. I have verified that the solution works in my database. Thanks very much. This has been the fastest support response I have ever had. Thanks again.

To use an Australian expression, "It works like a bought one!"

Darcy Currey
Brent & Warburton (N'cle) Pty Ltd, Australia

I see on the gallery, your exg2antt product is a good product and in accordance with my wishes.

Endang Kusmayadi
PZ Cussons (International) Ltd, United Kingdom

Thanks again for the really great support. We already use the list and tree control and will certainly be purchasing the calendar control as well, due in large part to the great support!

Doug Knudson
Advanced Information Solutions, Inc., Inc, USA

I appreciate your fast support, and very nice components!

Ray Van Vynckt
Add-On Technologies, Inc, USA

Again, thanks for the effort, and the fact that you and your company is reacting so promptly on our questions is heart warming! We will continue to use your controls, now and in the future!

Ab J. Elzenga
Labelsoft Clinical IT BV, Netherland

You guys are amazing! I sent my email to you, took a phone call, and found that you had already replied. I love ExGrid!  I struggled with tree/grids from DBI-Tech and Bennett-Tec and none of them allowed easy editing like ExGrid.

Bob McGaffic
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I have Just downloaded your ExG2antt control for COM and am totally impressed. Where have you guys been hiding !!. I have used the dbi controls for many years and have been looking for a feature rich control similar to the dbi tech ctSchedule.. The ExG2antt control is awesome ! These are the best controls I have ever come across ... The support is also exceptional .. I am so glad I found you Guys ...

MainMenu, Australia

Great Job!!!! It works. The DropDown property is now set properly in the KeyDown event, so I can control the behavior of the Esc key. Thanks so much for your excellent support.

Randall Moore
IssueView, USA

Thanks Mihai - I have forwarded both to my manager.  I can certainly agree you have the best support of any package I've ever bought!

Jonathan Hart
ESG-Concept, United Kingdom

I have checked other gantt controls too,  but you have a very good and fast Support!

Manfred B�ttner
CI Solution, Germany

Thank you very much for your help and the lightning fast fixing! Great! 

Gerold Luebben

I have to say that I'm very impressed by i) your support ii) your grid control. I've literally evaluated every other grid on the market and have not found one as fast or generally as well thought out as yours is. It's nice to find someone who is genuinely passionate about their product :-). Thanks a lot for your swift responses. 

Chris Harris
GU5, United Kingdom

Your changes worked fine and my application looks very nice now ;-) Thanks again for the great support.

Markus Bernhardt
Active-Logistics, Germany

That's worked, Thanks again for your support on an excellent eXG2antt product.

Paul Busbridge
Kingspan Offsite, United Kingdom

This i would call a great support!!! Thanks for the help, very good Support! My Company is thinking about to buy a license, but before i should Test the Demo and give my Company feedback! I had never a Support like this! Awesome!

Christian M�ller
Briteline, Germany

I just finished testing the new link feature and I must admit it is exactly what I needed. Great work ! It is a great help to see where links are going when a screen is filled with them.

Impressive support !

Gunter Van Damme
Purna, Belgium

I beg your pardon for all my questions, but I confirm that are not to "test" yours "eXControls", because I am sure that are very goods and powerful, (too much , I think !!!) �, �but only to valuate if I will be capable to�work with, and to understand them in a short period of time after to buy this.�

I�want�that you re-send this mail to your manager company, to inform that I am very satisfied with all your answers and I think that the Support department of your company is fantastic !!!

Carlos Roca
Corbiser S.L, Spain

Thanks a lot for an early reply. Your tech support is awesome!

Ernest Poletaev
EIS Plc, Russia

Thx, works perfect. Your guys have a fast and perfect service.

Jan Dotzlaw
ZEBES, Germany

We have extended your control so it now calculate project finish (if project has defined start) or calculate project start (if project has defined finish) and everything based on earliest/latest dates, where it handles nonworking days, lag between links, activities which are started etc. Same thing as MS Project but with automatic PDM (Precedence Diagramming Method) Now, your control is actually great, because it allow to be "driven" by programmer, but such small things will allow to use them in proper and better way. So, I am grateful for everything you do for us and keep going :)

Zdravko Sertic
GALA-Software, Croatia

You have some really great software. I love the new GroupBars options for the eXG2antt control. It has made such a difference. I was also looking at the web site and got very excited about some of the other things that the Grid-Gantt(eXG2antt) does. Especially the Undo-Redo and Items.AllowCellValueToItemBar.

Mark Wastie
United Kingdom

However we are very excited about your eXG2antt/NET and find it most flexible for us, since it provides certain kind of freedom for developers and doesn't have issues with performance.

Janne Ojala
Haahtela-kehitys Oy,

Congratulations for your great controls ! Now all works without any problem! 

Piero Bridda
OmniaZone, Italy

Hey that's fantastic. It's amazing to deal with people who are still actively developing their controls - and then to hear from one of the developers - we are very impressed! 

Mark Plumpton
Custom Data Solutions Ltd,
New Zealand

Thanks for you help. Its amazing the level of support you have for you product. I will try to put in an order for the combo box this afternoon. But the hospital moves slow, so it may be a few days. I know my users are going to be very happy with the features your control will provide them. 

Darryl Snead
University of Pennsylvania Health System, USA

I'm really impressed of your control suite and especially of eXG2antt (for .NET). You have done a great job on creating eXG2antt! It is by far one of the best Gantt controls I've seen so far for a reasonable price. I've already tested the controls of ILog, plexityHide and so on. But I have the feeling that your control would fit most to my requirements. Thanks for your professional support.

Swen Staning
PSPP, Germany

That works perfectly. I have to say that you have been EXTREMELY helpful over the last couple days. Not only were you very friendly and helpful, but you went above and beyond, adding new properties that I need for eXG2antt control. You've given me examples and samples, and it has been an enormous help to us. And your customer service is what tipped us over the edge to decide in favor. Thanks again for all your help, and I'll be sure to contact you guys with any other concerns that may arise in the future.

Ben Jumper
Acoustic Dimensions, USA

As an aside, thanks for making some great quality controls.

Steve Fox
Fox Computer Services, Canada

You are a star. The eXG2antt/NET now works brilliantly with building & scrolling horizontally/vertically nearly instantaneous. I am very impressed with not only the control but also the support.

Jhon Burns
United Kingdom

I'm using at the moment the eXG2antt and your Control is the very best and easy to use. We need the Timescale in different versions.

Roger B�hler
bsd blue screen dev,

I use ex2gant to create some timeline charts for a bigger project. The control provides a lot of useful services and parameters to set. The interface between the application and the control is easy and intuitive. The control is very powerful and promises to be a very valuable control.

Pascal Beer
HBS Personalcomputer, Switzerland

We are all impressed with the components here.

Philip Van Diem
platypus Software Pty Ltd

I chose your software for a few reasons. First of though, we currently are using the DBITech suite of controls and I anticipate that we will replace these controls with yours.

* I found your documentation to be well formatted and straight forward. The how do I's were invaluable.
* Your control structure is intuitive and it did not take long to get a handle on how to use them.
* You apply the same structure to your other controls so it does not take long to figure out how the other controls in your suit work.
* Your controls are function rich 
* I like to concept of skins even though I have not figured out how they work I think they will make the presentation of the controls consistent and great looking.
* You use OLE drag/drop properly 

Most importantly : You have been very helpful in the evaluation process and I thank you for your help and willingness to make ad hock changes for me.

Mark Liddle
Revolution Software Services,

I am very satisfied with the eXG2antt/NET control and with the support. In fact I made my recommendations so the company purchases the control.

Matthew Falzon
Holistic Research Development Ltd, Malta

I didn't have the chance to say that "EXCELLENT WORK!!!!" - I fell in love with your eXOrgChart control and I will use your eXG2antt control for making animation timelines.

Elias G. Politakis
mobileFX, Greece

Just finished installing. Everything seems to work fine. Thanks for the help - you guys have fantastic support.

Joe Bauer, PRICE Systems, LLC, USA

We are indeed still considering of using eXG2antt. All I can say is that your control is looking by far the best at the moment and we have been seriously considering of purchasing the dev team license.

Olli Mankonen
ARROW Engineering, Finland

Thank you so much Mihai for the best support I've ever experienced from a software company. It is now 7:30AM and I've been working all night fine tuning this control into my application framework. The popup menu was the only thing I could not do. I have spent 60 to 70 hours learning your Combo Box control's PEM and replacing the native Visual FoxPro Combo Box in my application framework. It is leaps and bounds better than the flawed VFP control. This is by far the best improvement I have made to my 11 year old framework in a long time. I should have done it years ago!  I am very impressed with the all around quality of your controls and documentation for VFP developers and already started saying good things about the ComboBox control on the Universal Thread today.

William R. Donaldson
Black Diamond Software, Inc., US

We have really been very impressed with your controls and particularly their flexibility to fit in with our requirements.

David Shepherd
Aerotech ltd, UK

Received and Installed....Thank-you. Your support is just too good to be true. Thanks for such a fast turnaround.

Lee Hovell
Westar Aerospace & Defense Group, USA

I am evaluating the eXGantt control and, so far, I am fairly impressed. I have been able to build custom skins / templates, and programmatically load item, bar and link data out of my database. I have tested the ScrollRange property, and it works beautifully. The control is excellent. Thanks for answering my questions. I have gone ahead and purchased it.

Patrick Hindall
Fulton Homes, USA

We evaluated Varchart XGantt, too, but with the features of your eXG2antt control is a perfect alternative for us, and is at a much better price.

Daniel Migowski
IKOffice GmbH, Germany

That was it! Now everything works with the original eXG2antt control containing my data, I just printed it! Thanks a lot for your support, which was incredible fast and accurate.

Martin De Corte
Variatech Consulting Kft., Hungary

Your service is really first class!

Vesa Kumpulainen
NeoCodex, Finland

I purchased now your famous eXSuite. I am amazed at your excellent support.

Patrik Randacher
Patrik'S GmbH, Switzerland

I visited your great website and found there the ActiveX control library 'eXSuite' for Visual Basic development. I think it is really outstanding product your company providing!

Stanislav Stepanyuk
Gallery Systems, USA

I have been looking for a good suite of controls that work with eDeveloper. I see that these will work with it, which is very good. Its hard to find good AX controls to work with it. Thanks again, and your controls look AWSOME!!!

Roger Ross
Cornerstone Software, LLC, USA

Your support is as excellent as your eXG2antt component ! The component is absolute perfect, works great - no problems at the client side!

Michael Bickel
EDV Beratung, Germany

Wow! Thanks! The exGrid is an amazing product - really first-class work.

Steve Blank
ChemStation International, USA

Your eXG2antt is not only extremely powerful, but has the best support for VFP I have ever saw. Having VFP samples for *every* property, method and event really helped me getting on with this incredible product. I can see now why it was so warmly recommended by a fellow VFP developer. I also recommended your controls to another Israeli company.

Jaime Benolol Pinto
Job - Advanced Software Solutions ,

One thing I want to share. It took us quite a long time to find you in the net. I don't know how many times I was searching for Unicode-aware activeX controls, I was browsing numberless lists up and down, reading in forums and so on... but didn't get notice of you and your excellent work. I don�t know what to say, ... that�s perfect. I would never have dreamed of getting a support like you guys are giving to your customers.

Christoph Strezeck

Many thanks for your assistance and for your excellent products!

Peter Jinks
eTrading Partners Ltd, UK

I have been tasked to select a Gantt control for use in our application and I thought I would let you know why we have chosen yours. The main reasons ahead of other controls I have looked at are the ability to:
    1. Nest items in a tree structure on the left hand side.
    2. Add multiple bars to a single item.
    3. Associate user data with items and bars.
    4. Print easily
I look forward to working with your control. You seem to be very developer focused, which is re-assuring. The fact that a got a fully functioning demo was helpful too.

Luke Gallagher
Solutions from Silicon, Australia

I just ordered your exSuite. I look forward to our continued business relationship, as I think your controls are the best on the market..

Timothy Bihm
While Loops, LLC, USA

Thanks for the info, and the eXSuite is a first class product.

Michel Creppy
Le Software Man Ltd, UK.

I'm finding the eXG2antt control rather good to use. I have reviewed other controls (Active Gantt, Solution Schedule 8, tList, ExTreeView, Fly Tree, and others) all to get a combination of Gantt and Tree/Grid controls and I was rather happy to find yours as an all in one.

Ross Herbert
Adaptage, Australia

Thanks for putting up w/ these newbie questions. I am quite impressed w/ the eXG2antt control and w/ your support. I will be no doubt be an advocate for this control on the Visual FoxPro forum http://www.universalthread.com. That's how I found out about it. And I have tried a bunch and this one is great!

Chris O'Donnell
M/K Software, Inc., USA

I was just looking for a UNICODE aware text and combo box for VB, actually, but after finding your site I must say I am absolutely "stunned" by what your controls offer! So now I seriously consider to invest in your Suite Pack as it doesn't leave much left to wish for and will keep me going on "refreshing" my apps for years! Hard to beat value, really.

Joakim Schramm
Astrocalc, Czech Republic

We started looking for a Gantt control three weeks ago and have found the eXG2antt control. We are developing a slim module for project planning as a component of a personnel planning system. We like the eXG2antt control very much, it looks smart, it has a lot of features and it fits very well in our purposes.

Werner K�hler
EBH Radio Software GmbH, Germany

Many thanks for the incredibly quick response. You guys are the best, most responsive control development company I've ever dealt with. Your ExGrid is fantastic, and I will always consider your company's products first if my needs coincide.

Phil Seeman

Thank your for a excellent Toolset. It provides us with new exiting possibilities for our development environment "Magic eDeveloper", who has certain limitations using active-x controls. Because of the template-driven technology we have found a very good work-around.

Andreas Schwengeler
Creativ Software AG, Switzerland

Whenever we need a new component you guys are always the first we check out. I don't even think there is anything quite like the combobox or the resizer on the market today. I had to hunt for you guys though, it was not easy to find your website. If you had more exposure I bet you would become very well known.

Josh Berman

That's amazing customer service - especially since we're still using a demo version, and haven't actually paid anything yet. I think we'll be registering this control soon. It's the best Gantt chart control we've used, and now we know just how good the support is.

David Frankland
IMG Concept, Netherlands

BINGO ! Thank you for your incredibly fast answer. I have to say that your support is great. Many thanks for your job.

Marco Madlena
Serono, Switzerland

Thanks and thanks for all your help during my demo period. I am sure we'll be in contact again. I have found the product to be a real time saver and will be using it extensively.

Brady Chambers
Acxiom Corporation, USA

I really appreciate the time you put in and I wanted to say that your controls are some of the best on the market that I�ve seen. Thanks for the hard work.!

Seth Hamblin
Anasazi Software, Inc, USA

We installed the last few month a big new system at BMW to control all the shopflour and machinery planning in combination with our technical document management (for CAD/CAM/NC) system PROLEIS. It works now quite nice and the users are happy with the new functionality and the cool features of grids and calendars and menus. The functionality is implemented by us but the user conrols are build from you, a perfect bundle, quick and save in development fancy new applications!

Klaus Dieter Born
ID Gmbh, Germany

I was just shown your site and wanted to say Hi, and It's nice to see ATL controls for sale!

Nick Hodapp
Product Manager, Visual C++ .NET, Microsoft, USA

Thanks for all your help. I've been dealing with Microsoft for so long that I'm not used to getting real answers and solutions so soon.

Anthony Jackson
BNi Publications, USA

First, I just wanted to say that I have found your GRID control one of the most robust controls I have found. My application allows users to create, manage and schedule playlist. I am currently upgrading it from version 2.4 to version 3.0. I found your control and discovered that it has some amazing capabilities, especially in the area of visual control. My previous versions were based on TrueGrid v7 and v8, and I have found your faster and much more capable. I am not aware of any other Grid controls that can be customized to this level. Most only allow you to select colors or gradients to Header, selected item and so on. Your is skinnable. Should I need more? I was looking for a new Grid control for a long time and downloaded many examples to see if any of them would provide the type of visual customization I wanted to give my program a modern and sexy look. I found none in the last 3 months that would work until I found you control, I only wish I would have found it 3 months ago.

I did many searches on Google for "ActiveX Grid Visual Basic" and found dozens of Grid controls, I like most people started off on the first controls listed and worked my way down the list. With what you have here, I would find a way to get yourself higher up on the list. I think you have one of the fastest, most customizable Grid controls on the market, and people should know about it.

I know that I looked at 8 other Grid Controls before I found yours and downloaded it and started playing with it's capabilities. And I have to say that your control has more formatting, editing and appearance options than any other control I have looked at. But, I almost didn't download your control because of what I say on the website, but I was desperate to find what I was looking for, so I took a chance and glad that I did.

Bryan Utley
Cameleonware, Colombia 

Thanks for a great control! The control is "AWSOME", everyone here is amazed at it's functionality.

Craig Schmidt
FOCUS Learning Corp, USA

I've done extensive research on third party tree view controls and yours is the best by far. I like very much the look and feel of your extree, it is very slick and stylish in its presentation. The multiple icons per node was the real kicker for us as well as being able to control the icons separately. Also, being able to store an object in the item data of a node is a real bonus, as we are going to use it to store lots of information about the node that will be used to control other parts of our application. Last but not least, the events provided are quite useful and logical in functionality.

Alex Bostic
Operations System Center, United States Coast Guard, USA

I am not sure if I have said this before but what an amazing control. Miles ahead of any other grids I have worked with. Many thanks!

Justin Hart
IMCIS Limited, UK

I would like you to know that we (Fujitsu UK) have decided to use your excellent suite of controls for four future applications for the following reasons: 
  • The controls are intuitive to use
  • The look and feel of the controls is very modern
  • The controls are very efficient (i.e can load large amounts of data very quickly)
  • The controls support Unicode which is very important for our worldwide user base
  • The controls offer functionality which well beyond the ones on the market today.

To top it all we received excellent support and your company was very open to suggestions and implement enhancements in very short space of time.

Joginder Nahil

I have used your tools for the past 2 years and am VERY pleased with the quality and support I have received. Exontrol has always supported their products well. You get 5 stars from me for your Tech-Support alone.

Charlie Van Dien
Liberty Home Pharmacy, USA

I just wanted to say, that using the Exontrol exSuite has been really great! Thank you for making such a nice product. I would also like to share it with you in case you find it useful for assisting VFP developers. The information and code I am providing is "public domain" and "free of charge" to any VFP developer, so long as the comments are left "as-is" and they are distributed free of charge. Check out the page: http://fox.wikis.com/wc.dll?Wiki~exGrid~VFP

Paul James

Never in my wildest dreams I expected such a speedy and great support. You gave the word "customer support" a whole new definition. This definitely shows me we made the right decision to choose exontrols. Thanks for making the VFP-World a little brighter today.

Michael Schwing
LOGO Datensysteme GbR, Germany

I made a great find when looking for a menu control. The ExMenu did more than all the others that I tried. When I found something it didn't do, I asked for a feature and they added it - fast! Then I needed a tree control, and again the ExTree outdid all the others. THEN, I needed a skin based button control....and they built one for me!!! It's now available as ExButton - try it, it's truly AWESOME! This is the most responsive company I have ever worked with. Thank you for your amazing service.

Tom Bigbee
ATX II (Inc 500 Hall of Fame), USA

I am the primary system architect for our product, PolyTrans, that is used internationally by every major Fortune 1000 company. I was in need of a "Properties List" control that would become the central mechanism in our revised user interface. I needed an ATL ActiveX properties list control which was rock stable, robust and full featured. I also needed to find a developer who would be receptive to my endless stream of developer feedback requests (something I have encountered only once before with another ActiveX developer). I searched, downloaded and evaluated every properties list control I could find on the Internet. I bought a cheaper $80 version at first but I was quickly disappointed because it did not fulfill my requirements. My gut feeling said to purchase the "Exontrol" version after a very careful evaluation process. I took a chance and fully integrated it into our software before I even began to talk with their developer. I just cannot describe in words how ecstatic I am using their properties list control!! The constant and quick feedback I got from their development team was just incredible -- and I thought that I provided fast and quality support to our own PolyTrans customers. The quality and feature set of the control, it's robustness in our application and the personal dedication shown by the Exontrol development team are without equals. I would never have used this control if it did not stand up to my highest standards for software quality and completeness. You can make my word that this is the best properties list ActiveX control on the market.

Robert Lansdale
Okino Computer Graphics, Inc., Canada

The Exontrols we have evaluated are without competition in terms of quality, scope and value for money; in particular the tree control (which is the only tree control we have found that satisfies our requirements).

Richard Pearson
Dillinger Flynn Inc. , USA

This is the support I want to see. Not even an hour for the answer and the offer to implement a new feature.

Bernd Holz
baramundi software AG, Germany

I am quite overwhelmed by the high quality tools and help you provide.

Chris Horton
Over Hill Creations Inc., USA

Your support is excellent. I've rarely seen a company providing support comparable to the high level support which I only know from various open source projects.

Sascha Cunz
LogiSoft - Softwareentwicklung, Germany

The docs, examples, usage, and general operation all seem very top-notch and professional. Thanks for a great product.

Rick Sands
Independent Software Developer, USA

Thank you very much - great control :-) (... and I am again -very- impressed by your response time ...).

Tim Offermann
Infor Bussiness Solutions AD, Germany

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SUCH GOOD CONTROLS! It's big pleasure to work with it

Eli Shavit
IsraTech , Israel

Again thanks for your quick reply (you keep amazing me). I've send some requests to other application vendors and after a year I'm still waiting for a response (or even a 'message received' email :)

Kees Koenders
Equihold BV, Netherlands

You are truly legendary!!!

Janine Garrett
ITAlchemy, Australia

Your Support is the fastest I've ever seen".

Kai Naumann

Thanks for the excellent customer service. Got it, installed it, it works.".

Doug Blackmore
Triant Technologies Inc., Canada

I want to thank you very much for you willingness to help.  ExEdit is a really great piece of work.".

Tim Horton
Applied Micro Solutions, Inc., USA

BTW GREAT COMPONENT, I'm really happy with the tree choice we made....

Dirk Bulinckx
bvba Woodstone, Belgium

I've been using exontrol software for a long time now and I've just upgraded my suite membership yet again. You guys have one of the top customer service groups I've worked with and you've always considered every request I've made. Keep up the good work! ".

Brian Pollack
freepichosting.com, USA

Just found your controls. LOVE THEM. 

Morgan Gardiner
Maxcess International Corporation, Fife Corporation, USA

Your tech support response time is awesome and your tree control really rocks!

Ray Van Vynckt
Add-On Technologies, Inc., USA

Thank you for superb support.  It's not often that I purchase controls that I find a company that supports them too.

Eric Durbin
StevenConcepts, Quatar

We're speechless. This is what we call good support.

Chen Drori
Mercury Interactive Corporation, Israel

I just purchased ExGrid today and find it to be an excellently written control, especially since I develop in an Office VBA environment. There are relatively few vendors who develop such well-designed controls that they can run in the VBA environment. And I've been looking for a long time!!!

Dennis DeRobertis
Office Power, USA

I'm very impressed by your controls. It's been a while since I looked at 3rd party controls and they seem to have gotten quite sophisticated.

Michael Simcich

I'm happy :) I have been able to create a legend editor where I can validate that the class break of one line is above the prior line and below the next line, etc. And I can advance the guy in a logical manner from cell to cell. This is sssooooooooooo much better than FlexGrid. People that need to do mouseless keyboard entry for large production can really blast through our forms. And, yet, for the casual user, the dropdowns have a condensed hierarchical view that makes it very easy for them to get to the item they want out of 200 possibilities on the list.Thank you. This is finally the user interface that I have wanted since I started writing for Windows in 1995.

Ted Macy
MapShots, Inc., USA

I made now already 6 grids with all kind of controls and Ex ComboBoxes. They work perfectly and I am very happy. Before I tested 7 other products. Your products are by fare the best!  

Martin B�chtold
Teletranslator-Network (Extran Ltd.), Switzerland

Thank you for your fantastic response. I have done some speed tests and I am absolutely amazed at how quickly it loads data.

Peter Easson

I just stumbled on your controls.  I haven't tried using them yet, but from the demo on the website, they seem *very* nice.

Mike Ruf
Core Mobility, Inc.

Looks Great! You can expect us to register by the end of the day. Thanks again for all of your help.

Jeff Wiedemann
Tornado Technologies, USA

Fantastic! Thanks very much.

Ian Gray, Global Operations and Administration Limited, UK

Great control nevertheless!! Please keep up the good work. 

Serge Ansay
Bowne Global Solutions, USA

Now it works great. Love the controls.

Michael Pereira
FreeTipZone Inc., Canada

We are using the exOrgChart component in one of our main application that manage drug's prescription and delivery at the patient's bed. A new module was developed for the chemotherapy protocols and this component is very useful to display them. Everything looks fine and thank you very much for your very efficient support.

Yves Fontannaz
CAI SA, Switzerland

Once again many thanks for your excellent customer service, I will certainly be recommending your grid control to many of the companies we come in contact with. "

Matthew Simpson
Meridian Training & Development Ltd, UK

Thanks for your prompt assistance. "

Steven Jones
F1 Solutions, Australia

Thank you for the OUTSTANDING level of support on this.  I've been eyeing up a few other controls that you offer, and will definitely be purchasing a couple.  As a developer it's a big decision to introduce third-party controls as it obviously creates a level of reliance on the third party, but with support this solid it does a great deal to alleviate any concern.

Rob Hansen
Epimatic, Canada

I've played around with the grid today and it seems to be perfect for what we need and I'll be putting it in my report as the recommended control to use. Many thanks for all of your help and it has been very refreshing to find good customer support. 

Simon Wolf, Ibis

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