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The control's release notes can be found on our web site, looking for the Release Notes column in the control's main page. Click here for direct link.

The icons may be shown vertically together or different when the component is used by applications built using different programming languages: such as VB6 compared with VB.NET as follows:

compared with

This issue occur due missing dpiAware settings from the application's manifest. A manifest is a XML file that contains settings that informs Windows how to handle a program when it is started. The manifest can be embedded inside the program file (as a resource under 24\1) or it can be located in a separate external XML file. If the manifest is placed in a separate file, then the file must be located in the same folder as the executable file and it must have same filename as the program file, but with a ".manifest" filename extension added at the end (e.g "MYAPP.EXE.manifest"). Starting from Windows 10, applications built with VB6, VFP or older versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, may require True setting into the application's manifest.

See also: How do I add a manifest to an executable (as resource)?

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